"Your imagination is the key to how you are feeling. Imagine you are feeling empowered and you can do anything" - Cindy Russell.
With a background in Kinesiology, Neuro Linguistic Programming and Life Coaching, Cindy's learnings have built an understanding of the important link between ‘gut health’ and ‘mind happiness’.

At All Good Things, we're are passionate about it all.
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Ever feel like you'd love to wake up feeling the way you want each day? 

Maybe you would like more confidence, maybe you need to let go of the past or stop worrying about the future. 

Would it help to be unaffected by those around you and to really love and accept yourself exactly as you are? 

Do you need to get clear about direction or re connect with your passion? 

Maybe you just want to enjoy each moment of your day and get more out of your relationships with others?

Whatever it is you deserve it and you can make it happen! Even if things are okay right now they can always be better, right? 

What would 10/10 confidence or contentment mean to you and everyone around you?

Let's connect and chat about what you need more of to wake up happy and how you can make it happen. 

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What would happen if you did do something about it now?

Don't wait until things get 'bad', act now and bring more joy into your life now. 
The Beginning...
Our world is riddled with anxiety and worry and it doesn't need to be. 

It is time to go back to basics, back to the beginning and reconnect with ourselves, to create a peaceful mind and LOVE it. This is something I wish we were all be taught from the get go - I wish I was!

Would you like a peaceful mind? 

Would you truly get to know yourself? 

This is the answer to getting rid of worry, negative thinking and anxiety. Instead of taking steps to manage or live with what we don't want, let's create what we do want.

This is what All Good Things and The Peaceful Mind Project is all about.
5 Steps To A More Peaceful Mind
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Help your child create the emotional foundation they need so that anxiety cannot thrive.  ERIC AND HIS IMAGINATION is a story about a boy who is worried about going back to school and his friends not wantin to play with him.  Your child can follow Eric on his journey as he and his Mum find ways for Eric to use his imagination to create new stories.  
We notice what we do that is great, point it out to each other and celebrate.
Everyday we can find things we have done well and things we have done not so well. We are so conditioned to notice our weaknesses and it is now time to change that. What you focus your attention on grows so as part of this movement we choose to start noticing the little things we do well that would normally go unsaid. Let's help each other out by noticing what others are doing well (the small things) and pointing it out to them too. Once you point it out to yourself and others, take it up a notice by celebrating it with a nice thought, feeling or high five
We share stories with each other about our successes and challenges.
When we commit to sharing out stories of success it puts us on the lookout for where success is happening. This means we are more likely to notice success in our lives. What we notice grows, meaning even more successes will be on our way. When we read other's successes it helps us also notice where we are having it in our life - WIN! WIN! The process of writing down challenges is often half the problem solved. When we write it down for likeminded caring people to read we open up to a variety of solutions and support. Sometimes 1 + 1 = 3
We help and support each other to present the best version of ourselves to the world.
We look out for each other and encourage growth and expansion as well as being open to expanding and growing ourselves. Each time one of us expands in our thinking it benefits the group, community and the world.
When I am at work my mind is at work, when I am at home my mind is at home. This is how I have balance.
Feeling like we have the right balance in life is of the upmost importance and sometimes it comes from what we are focussing on rather than what we are doing. If we focus on where we are when we are there it is amazing how much more balance we feel.
We know what our strengths are and play with them everyday in all areas of our life.
Look for and notice the things you do easily and enjoy, these are where your strengths lie. Remember what comes easily to you is difficult for someone else so recognise what comes easily as your strength and build on it. When you are doing what comes easily and you enjoy, your mind is more peaceful. Help your children notice what comes easy to them and let them know this is a strength.
We seek clarity about what we do want rather than what we don’t want.
When we have our unconscious mind on board, the changes we need to make are easy, long lasting and sustainable. When we are clear about what we want we send the right information to the unconscious to make it happen. If we are only clear about what we don't want then our unconscious helps us have more of that. We spend time each day thinking about what it would look like and feel like if we had a more peaceful mind, knowing this is a big step in making it so.
Recognise the value and importance of silence and calm. This is where we hear our deepest thoughts and our truth.
We spend time each day in silence and calm. Internal silence can be achieved at the same time as being active on the outside. Have the intention to experience silence and calm for the next 5mins while you……(cook dinner, have a shower etc), this is enough to make it happen on some level. When we increase the amount of calm we have in our day, there is space to notice the successes and solve the challenges.
Recognise a connection with something bigger and you will experience the best version of you to share with the world.
Experiencing silence and calm enables us to feel and hear the bigger knowing inside us all. Each day we take a moment to stop and put our hand on our heart with the intention of feeling the bigger self in there. We use the silence within to listen to what it says and feel the love and acceptance that is always there. Doing this each day can create subtle changes in everything we do. It is the subtle changes that often have a big impac
We know our value and do not play small, we listen to our inner knowing and act on it.
Be outrageously who you want to be. You know who it is when you listen deep inside and you know who you want to be, even if it is who you want to be in this moment, so BE IT! Externalise what you know is inside you and watch magic happen around you as others interact with the real you. The Peaceful Mind Project offers you a great platform to being the real you and will bring peace to your mind as well as those you interact with.
We share our love with the world by filling ourselves up first and allowing it to overflow to others in a never ending supply.
We recognise what fills us up and we do it regularly knowing that we can then truly give to the world around us without being depleted. We monitor how full we are and when our tank gets low we fill it up. It may be with kind thoughts, feelings or visualising the love spreading through every cell. We know when we are overflowing with love because it feels GREAT!
We notice where we DO contribute to good in the world in the little things we do everyday and we celebrate this.
We notice where we already contribute in life everyday helping lay a foundation for doing more without even trying. Sharing the details of the small contributions we make everyday helps us recognise it and watch it magically grow. This gives others awareness about where they may be contributing too. The more we all become aware of where we already contribute they more contribution there will be.
Being full who we are and expressing the best version of ourselves is the best contribution we can give.
We all want to contribute to the world and when we are not accessing the best versions of ourselves it is near impossible to contribute what you want. To be a better contributor all we need to do is be fully who we are in our thoughts, our words to others and our actions. All else will follow.
We feed our mind and body the best ingredients and thrive, teaching out children to do the same.
We are avid yearners for information to better ourselves and the lives of our children. We are expanding everyday as we learn from our experiences as well as the experiences of others. We seek information that makes us feel good and share this information with others, including our children.
We know what feeling we want each day and we create this feeling within us even if the circumstances are not perfect.
We don’t wait for a compliment to feel good about ourselves, we don’t wait for recognition to feel validated and we don’t wait for encouragement to feel confident. We feel these feelings and any others we want without waiting for anything outside of ourselves. It is still great to receive a compliment, recognition and encouragement but we are not reliant on them to feel the way we want..
We are aware of our thoughts and speak to ourselves like a friend, both in words and tone. We remind others to do the same.
Creating new habits of friendship with ourselves and listening out for others who may be falling into old habits will lead to creating more Peaceful Minds and less heartache.
This is OUR Peaceful Mind Movement!
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This is OUR Peaceful Mind Manifesto!
What statements resonates with you the most?
Comment below and let me know if you are in.
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If you're anything like I was, you've got an awareness of who you are but know that have a few issues that you need to work on to become more happy. 

Would you like to feel happier?

Would you like to have a sense of belonging to yourself and where you belong in your world?

This is the next stage in our Wellbeing journey and at All Good Things we have an incredible tool to help you with this stage... 
Introducing our 10 Day Happiness Challenge!
Our 10 day challenge isn’t really a challenge, it is 10 days of tips you can use easily in your day to increase you happiness in any area of your life. These tools I have used and still use and I have witness others using them with great success. 

In fact, a few people have turned their life around using tips from this challenge.

Once you start this challenge you will have unlimited access to the information and do not have to complete it in 10 days. Some people have taken Day One and turned it into Week One, carrying out the exercise for the whole week.

If all it did was help you increase your happiness, wake up every morning feeling happy and energised and it didn't cost you anything, wouldn't it be worth it?
And Beyond...
Finally! After you've been working on yourself and are feeling happy with where you are at, it's intriguing to see how you can grow more, expand into higher levels of happiness and deeper connections with yourself. 

Would you like to take your happiness to the next level?

Would you like to become deeply connected to you?

This is the final stage in our Wellbeing journey and at All Good Things, whether you're on the go or a busy person, we have a range of routes for you to complete your transformation.
Option 1: One to One Sessions...
Work with Cindy one one one face to face or via video link to really go deep and find what you need to create the life you want, internally AND externally. Find out more by booking a free breakthrough session.
Option 2: Work online in the Deeply Connected To Me program...
If working one on one with Cindy is not an option now join the online program where Cindy shares content and support via closed Facebook Groups and weekly live calls. Take a look at the Deeply Connected To Me program to see if this is right for you.
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