Healthy Animals Means A Healthy You

The Ethical Farmers TEF was formed in March 2016 as the result of the amalgamation of Egganic pastured eggs founded by Jim & Jacqui Steele in 2008 and Grass Roots Urban Butchery GRUB founded by Dominic and Ali O’Neil in 2010.

Sharing similar passion and beliefs concerning the unethical farming practices and misleading labelling of food in Australia, they felt a change in the system was required and so we decided to join forces.

The Ethical Farmers vision is to produce and supply real food grown the way nature intended and every product available online is consistent with their beliefs.

Their philosophy is that healthy animals means a healthy you!


The Ethical Farmers only supply organic or grass-fed and finished meat from pasture raised environments, without the use of growth hormones or sub-therapeutic applications of antibiotics. It’s their guarantee that all beef, lamb, pork and chicken are raised ethically and sustainably.

Whether you are buying eggs or a grass-fed steak, you can be sure you’re getting an organically grown and/or pasture raised product from a producer committed to ethical practices.

AGTO has teamed with The Ethical Farmers to supply our customers with the highest quality and ethical meat and eggs. AGTO customers will receive freight free delivery by entering the promo code allgoodthings on check out.

Orders must be in by lunch time Tuesdays for delivery to the store on Thursday.

If you have any questions about ordering, please feel free to contact Jenn on (02) 42299439 or email or

If you have questions about the products please contact The Ethical Farmers on (02) 4372 2021 or email

Cindy Russell